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Engine Efficiency Management

KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems (FCM) are ideally suited for marine and power generation fuel measurement. Fuel consumption value is an indicator of optimum engine tuning. Reducing speeds of ocean-going vessels and improved engine tuning can save as much as 10% on fuel. KRAL FCM Systems are reliable regulatory monitoring devices to document fuel usage for emissions control air permit reports.

KRAL FCM verify the effectiveness of fuel-saving solutions:

    Engine Efficiency Management
  • Real time measurement, idle to full load
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Extremely accurate (+/- 0.12%)
  • Compact design, robust cast iron cases; steel nitrated spindles
  • Long working life and stable operation
  • All major marine certifications
  • Emissions control air permit reporting tool
  • Available in six (6) design sizes, engine sizes 300 kW and up

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