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AVRs & Excitation Systems

Retrofit Legacy AVRs

GCS has experience and technical skills to retrofit Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Excitation systems fitted on steam, gas or hydro turbines or diesel or gas engines.

We retrofit simplex AVR systems to more complex redundant configuration excitation systems consisting of a brush or brushless rotating exciter, PMG or bus fed excitation systems, from field flashing to crow bar protection.

The GCS engineering team retrofits individual AVR systems and AVRs as part of a larger engineered control system, featuring excitation system design, installation and service for land or marine applications.

Retrofit Legacy AVRs
AVRs & Excitation Systems

Basler AVR Product Range

GCS supports a range of Basler AVRs from DECS100 through DECS400 and ECS2100 Excitation Systems.


  • DECS100 AVR with integrated Exciter (63Vdc, 7A)

    DECS100 AVR with integrated Exciter (63Vdc, 7A)

    Environmentally rugged digital excitation control system is ideally suited for controlling the output of brushless excited synchronous generators up to 5MW. The DECS-100 is extremely affordable and perfect for machines that will be paralleled to other generators and/or to the utility system. It is ideal for distributed generation, co-generation and peak shaving applications.

  • DECS200 and DECS250 AVRs with integrated Exciter (32, 63,125Vdc, 15A)

    DECS200 and DECS250 AVRs with integrated Exciter (32, 63,125Vdc, 15A). Redundant configuration possible

    One DECS-200 Digital Excitation Control System can accommodate 32Vdc, 63Vdc, or 125Vdc applications up to 15Adc. This unique flexibility provides precision control of virtually any size generators. The DECS-200 incorporates a pulse width modulated power stage, which improves system performances in non-linear load applications.

  • DECS200N AVR with integrated Exciter (32, 63,125Vdc, 20A)

    DECS200N AVR with integrated Exciter (32, 63,125Vdc, 20A) Negative Forcing. Redundant Configuration possible

    The DECS-200N is a very compact Negative Forcing Digital Excitation Control System. This multiple microprocessor-based design accommodates 63 Vdc and 125 Vdc applications up to 20 Adc continuously. The on-board six-thyristor controlled rectifier bridge offers the highest system performance possible, making the DECS-200N ideal for providing exceptional system response, which makes it suitable for applications requiring power system stabilizers.

  • DECS400 Excitation system (20A up to 2500A)

    DECS400 Excitation system (20A up to 2500A)

    Cabinet comprised of DECS400 AVR, Excitation (SCR), SCR Gate Firing module, Field Flashing Contactor, PPT. The DECS-400 is a microprocessor-based controller that provides excitation control, flexible logic control, and optional power system stabilization for synchronous machines in an integrated package. The controller provides an analog output to control the firing of external bridge(s) and monitors machine parameters to control, limit, and protect the synchronous machine from operating beyond its capability limitations.

  • ECS2100 Excitation system (100A up to 10,000A)

    ECS2100 Excitation system (100A up to 10,000A) Cabinet system

    The ECS2100 is a multi-microprocessor excitation control system that provides advanced technology to precisely control, protect, and monitor synchronous generators, including new and existing applications that are driven by all types of prime movers, such as steam, gas, hydro, and diesel. Its multifunctional design allows the ECS2100 to operate as a voltage regulator or as a static exciter, providing excitation currents up to 10,000 Adc.

Basler AVR and Excitation System Upgrades and Replacements

Basler Electric manufactures a complete line of Automatic Voltage Regulators and Excitation Control Systems. Basler AVRs and Excitation Systems are available for a range of standard and customer solutions for new generators or retrofits. Whether it's prime mover or emergency back-up power, Basler Electric has regulators for high performance and reliablity.

  • Improve and optimize generator system performance
  • Prime power or emergency back-up power
  • Flexible and reliable
  • High performance, rugged hardware
  • CSA approve
  • UL recognized
  • CE certified

Basler AVR and Excitation System Upgrades and Replacements

Existing System

Suggested Upgrade

Siemens Sidur 2000 AVR

Siemens Sidur 2000 AVR

  • Old Style Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • DOS-based - cumbersome tuning and calibration
  • Hard to find information and service
  • Replacement parts difficult to source and costly
Basler DEC200N AVR

Basler DECS250 AVR

  • Dedicated AVR
  • Modern / Current (> Win 7)
  • Easy to tune and calibrate
  • Service and support accessible
  • Parts readily available


  • DECS32-15 AVR (32Vdc, 15A)
  • DECS63-15 AVR (63Vdc, 15A)
  • DECS125-15 AVR (125Vdc, 15A)
DECS250 AVR with integrated Exciter (32, 125Vdc, 15A)

Replacement options:

  • DECS250 AVR with integrated Exciter (32, 125Vdc, 15A)
  • ABB Unitrol 1020 AVR Excitation system
Saturable CT (SCT) and Power PT (PPT)

Saturable CT (SCT) and Power PT (PPT)

DECS400 Excitation System

DECS400 Excitation System

  • Modern, simplified design
  • Improved maintenance & support
  • Easy data analysis
  • Alarm logging and data collection
  • Remote monitoring / control
  • Technical support readily available