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Steam Turbine Control Upgrade for Southeastern US Sugar Mill


The Sugar Mill power plant incorporates three boilers fueled by bagasse, which supply two single extraction Mitsubishi steam turbines. The project requirements were to upgrade the original 515 DSTC, replacing the obsolete control technology with the updated Woodward Atlas SC Digital Control System. The original Woodward EG10P actuators were also replaced with new Woodward EG10P actuators, with additional spares on-site to ensure continuation of operation during actuator service and overhaul. The benefits of upgrade were to provide increased operating efficiency, improved integration through the extraction process, addition of automatic turning-gear control, better alarm reporting and resolution and most importantly this customer wanted full control of the process and valve positions via their existing DCS system. Overall, these benefits ensured that downtime would be minimized and the prime mover would operate at optimum efficiency.

Project Overview

  • Sugar process mill burning bagasse in three boilers
  • Mitsubishi
    Single Extraction Steam Turbine
  • Woodward Atlas SC
    Woodward EG10P
    Data Capture
    Control Assistant Software

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