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USCG Ice Breaker Engine Control Upgrade


This retrofitted Engine Control system replaced the obsolete 721 controls. The 5 Main Generator sets located on the 1 P, 2P and SA Bus sections. The control scheme is based on isochronous load sharing between all the generators. In addition, any one unit can be switched into baseload operation and run at a fixed load for maintenance purposes.

  • 828 Woodward Controller
    Wago Remote Discrete Input Modules
    Wago Remote Discrete Output Modules
    Wago Remote 4-20 Input Modules
    EGCP3 Digital Synchronizer and Load Control

  • The 828 System Interfaces to:
    Basler DECS200 AVR
    MPCMS (Upper Level Power Management System)
    SPMD synchronizers

    Control System Functions:
    Start Stop Logic
    Start Fuel Limiting
    Idle / Rated Operation
    Droop/ Isochronous Speed Control
    lsoch Loadsharing /Baseload
    Alarm and Shutdown Shutdown
    Breaker Logic Control
    Auxilary Sequencing

This modern engine and power management control system provides reliable, stable speed and load control for a demanding operational duty. With superior Real and Reactive Power Load Sharing to demanding tolerances, the control system has been proven to operate in the most hostile and demanding environment with flawless operation since installation.

The use of branded speed and power management controls from a world class supplier and engineering integration, commissioning and service from a leader in the industry makes for a powerful combination to meet the challenges of powering the fleet.

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