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Hospital Emergency Standby System


GCS designed an engine-generator governing, control, and monitoring system for a hospital in New Orleans, LA. The plant utilizes two Caterpillar 3516A mechanical diesel engines rated at 2000 kW each and one Caterpillar 3516B electronic diesel engine rated at 1825 kW. The generator sets are primarily used for emergency backup power for the hospital campus with the system offering the capability to parallel with the primary utility feed for testing and maintenance.

  • Power Generation
  • (2x) Caterpillar 3516A Diesel Engine-Generators Each 2000 kW, 13.8 kV @ 1800 RPM
  • (1x) Caterpillar 3516B XQ2000 Power Module 1825 kW, 480 V @ 1800 RPM
  • Woodward Atlas SC Generator Units Generator Control Package for synchronizing, load-sharing, monitoring, and speed control.

  • Utility Units Master Control Package for loss-of-mains generator automatic start/stop sequencing, synchronizing, and monitoring.

  • Schweitzer Protective Relays Protective relay network for generator protection, current differential, and directional over-current.

The control system features custom application software that integrates the engine speed control into the same control unit as the automatic synchronizer and load controller. This feature is used on both mechanical engines, while the electronic engine utilizes a standard bias interface to the Caterpillar ECM. Two independent utility feeds are controlled by master supervisory systems. These systems feature utility and generator monitoring and automatic start/stop sequencing. Plant breaker sequencing is performed by a network of protective relays that communicate a loss-of-utility condition at which time the Atlas network assumes plant control.

Central monitoring and control is performed via a custom, GCS designed HMI/SCADA system consisting of a touch-screen terminal in the switchgear room with a desktop PC in the operator control room.

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