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Generation Control Systems DR Power Plant


Governor Control Systems, Inc. (GCS) was contracted to update the old control system of a power plant for a major resort area in the Dominican Republic. The obsolete equipment was expensive and difficult to maintain, putting the resort at risk of blackouts. The HMI system was running on an obsolete Windows operating system..

  • Power Generation
  • Wartsila engines: 9R32, 12V32, 18V32
  • Hyundai
  • EMD
  • Woodward AtlasII Integrated Speed, Load and Sequencing controller The Atlas-II control is designed to integrate into modern plant architecture through Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocol for network flexibility and redundancy. Custom software integrates the speed and load control functions.

  • Basler DECS200 Voltage Regulators The DECS 200 offers high performance, high flexibility, and extreme reliability for brushless excited AC synchronous generators. DECS200 is interfaced with the Atlas to maintain kVAr sharing or Power Factor control depending on the connection to the utility grid.

  • HMI Operator Control Panel Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreen monitor displays local engine / generator data, including engine pressures and temperatures, automatic synchronizing to the bus, KW load sharing, KW baseload control, KVAr sharing or power factor control, manual operation of generator loading from HMI Operator Panel, Alarm and Shutdown logging

GCS replaced the old Modicon PLC, Basler DECS125, and a Woodward 721 with a new Atlas-II fully integrated speed, load, and sequencing control system that provides precise loadsharing and operator diagnostics for the operation. Normal operating mode is droop mode for speed and voltage control when the station runs parallel to another power station which is about 130 km's away and is connected via a 132 kV line. When in island mode, the plant runs in isoch loadsharing and VAR share mode.

The plant consists of a mix of Hyundai, EMD, and Wärtsilä engines of various sizes. GCS replaced the obsolete controls equipment system on all eleven (11) Wartsila engine generator sets and on the three (3) common controls, utilizing the Woodward AtlasII hardware. This proven control greatly increases the reliability and availability of generators. As part of the updated plant controls, GCS provided an integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System for the operations control room which enables plant operators to monitor all plant information and react to changing demands at a moment's notice.

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