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Emissions Monitoring System


GCS installed DCL QUICK -LID Catalytic Converters and Continuous Parameter Monitor ing System s (CMPS) on five (5) EMD 20 cylinder engines . These emissions controls are required to bring the utility's engines into complia nce with the current RICE/NESHAP regulations . Part of an emergency generator s ystem , the se EMD engines must be available at a moment's notice to provide backup power in case the main utility is brought down due to natural or man- made disaster.

  • 5 EMD 20- 645F4B diesel engines Power 3150 kW Fuel Diesel Maximum Exhaust Flow 21,500 ft3/min = 59,500 lbs/hr* Exhaust Temperature 560 ºF*
  • DCL QUICK- LID Model DC69.5A -22 Oxidation Catalytic Converter with 200 cpsi catalyst element, 304 stainless steel, C-Channel design.

  • Heat Blanket - QUICK- LID Model DC69.5A - 22 Fiberglass insulation rated up to 1200ºF/648ºC , silicone outer cover , Stainless steel construction

  • GCS Continuous Parameter Emissions System (CPMS) GCS Continuous Emissions Monitoring System includes a Dynalco catalyst monitor, temperature probes, pressure transducers, and cables.

Designed for engines > 700 hp (528 kW). DCL QUICK -LID Catalytic Converters effectively reduce engine exhaust emissions, including NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, formaldehydes and particulates. QUICK -LID catalytic converters are the industry standard for reliable, long life operation

MEETING RICE -NESHAP REQUIREMENTS (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines National Environmental Standar ds for Hazardous Air Particles) Engine Testing Results: Before and After - EPA requires that the CO corrected @ 15% O2 in Exhaust be <23 PPM o Before DCL catalyst installation reading was 69.24 PPM o After installation reading is 9.79 PPM. - EPA requires > 70% reduction in Carbon Monoxide (CO) from base line tests. o After installation CO reduction was observed at 86.1%. The DCL QUICK -LID Catalyst passed with outstanding results , guaranteed for one ( 1) year or 8,000 running hours. GCS CONTINUOUS EMISSIONS MONITORING SYSTEM (CPMS)

EPA requires that each Catalyst have a CPMS ( Continuous Parameter Monitoring System) that monitors the inlet temperature and differential pressure of the catalyst. Catalyst inlet temperature must be maintained between 750ºF and 1250 ºF. Compliance is based on 4- hour rolling averages(measured every 15 minutes). Pressure drop across the catalyst must not change by more than 2 inches water column at 100% load 0% from the pressure drop measured during the initial performance test (measured once per month) . GCS Continuous E missions Monitor (CPMS) specif ies a pre -wired NEMA enclosure , pressure transmitters and specified thermocoupling . This kit is fully configurable and capable of monitoring up to three additional variables. Historic data may be stored or viewed real time through Modbus RS 485 or USB communication.

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