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Genset Control System


Mid - Atlantic d redge company had been considering updating their outdated controls on a dredge vessel and finally determined the time had come to go ahead with the upgrade . U nreliability of the obsolete Woodward analog 2301A speed controls and outdated voltage regulation system we r e the main factors of concern . GCS recommended the Woodward 230 0 E speed control and Basler DECS AVR on their five engine generator sets . A major goal was to add a generator control system for automatic synchronizing, load sharing, generator protection, and other features.

  • 5 x Diesel Engines
  • Woodward 2300E Load Sharing & Speed Control The 2300E replaces the 2301A analog controls, providing load sharing and speed control. Using an external computer (PC) and built-in configuration software, application variations may be custom programmed to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and select forward or reverse acting.

  • Woodward e asyGen 3500 Generator Control S ynchronizer, load sensor, load controller, provides dead bus closing, has VAR/PF control capability, and generator protection functions.

  • Woodward LS-5 Breaker Controller The LS - 5 is a synchronizer, load sensor, and load control designed for tie - reaker applications in an EasyGen based system .

  • Basler DECS Digital Voltage Regulator The DECS digital excitation control systems offer high performance, high flexibility, and extreme reliability for brushless excited AC synchronous generators.
The upgrade was needed for the following reasons:
The performance and reliability of the existing system was poor
The installed controls and voltage regulators were obsolete
Spares were no longer readily available for these controls
The dredge was at risk with continued operation using the obsolete equipment
Maintenance and product support was limited

GCS utilized Woodward's new 2300E Speed Control with Basler's DECS AVR along with Woodward's EasyGen Generator Controller to address these issues. This proven strategy will greatly increase the reliability and overall performance of the generator system on the dredge. GCS was also asked to supply UPS backup power supply batteries for each of set of generator controls to ensure a backup supply is available in case of loss of power.

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