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New Actuation and Speed Protection System for Mid-Atlantic
Paper Mill


GCS was contracted to provide new control systems and pneumatic actuation to replace the existing Woodward PG governor on a fan feed water pump. The new actuator is a pneumatic piston style Valtek 25.

  • Paper Mill
  • GE Model DRY turbine rated at 1400HP
  • Woodward Peak 150 Operator & Speed Digital Control

  • ProTech-SX Safety System with Integrated Overspeed Protection

  • Actuator and Valve Adaptation (Valtek)

  • The Woodward Peak 150 digital control is designed to control a steam turbine driving a mechanical load. Overspeed protection is provided by a Woodward Protech SX Overspeed Protection which serves as the master trip device and the only device that will trip the safety relay. All external trips are communicated through the SX including any trip called for by the Woodward Peak 150.

  • The prime mover is a GE Model DRY turbine rated at 1400HP operating at 5000RPM driving a fan pump. Speed sensing is accomplished by a 30 tooth gear and housing directly driven by the turbine shaft. The control enclosure is mounted close to the turbine where operators can monitor the machine for any abnormalities during the starting procedure. The turbine can be started from either the front face of the Woodward Peak 150 by opening the enclosure or from the remote start switch in the control room. To determine the cause of the last turbine trip, operators reference the trip log in the ProTech SX.

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