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Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Facility


GCS upgraded the Woodward MicroNet Control System on a set of hydroelectric turbines to a Woodward MicroNet Plus Control System. The site contains four separate reversible pumps/turbines capable of producing up to 400 MW each. As a system critical component to the utility grid, these units are commonly used to stabilize the production of other utility plants.

GCS replaced the Woodward Windows NT CPU with Woodward Cybersecure Motorola MPC5200 CPUs. With redundant CPUs, the control system can perform a bump-less transfer to the secondary CPU if the primary CPU should fail, allowing the unit to stay online in steady operation. Each CPU has a dedicated connection to the customers SCADA and auxiliary systems via Modbus TCP/IP. GCS also upgraded the obsolete IO Field Terminal Modules and Combo AIO Card to increase component reliability and ease of replacement.

The Woodward 5200 CPUs are controlled by Woodward GAP 3 software whereas the NT CPUs operated on GAP 2 software. Since GAP 2 function blocks are fully compatible with GAP 3, GCS was able to convert the software while maintaining the existing parameters/tunables for automatic start and stop procedures, speed control, load control, and gate valve position control. This ensures that the core control software remains the same as before, effectively limiting commissioning time.

  • • Hydroelectric
    • Pumped storage facility with four reversible pump/turbines
    • Generating: Rated for 400 MW at 300 RPM
    • Pumping: 3850 ft3/sec with TDH of 1000 ft at 300 RPM
  • Woodward MicroNet Plus:
    • Turbine control system with custom-designed software performing Start/Stop Sequencing, Speed Control, Gate Valve Control, Load Control, and System Monitoring
    • The upgrade also includes redundant CPUs
    and Power Supplies with bumpless transfer. Woodward RTCnet Modules: Distributed I/O modules with redundant CAN communication, providing reliable operation in areas with high temperatures and vibration
  • Woodward easYgen 3100/3200 Genset Control for Multiple Unit Operation.
  • • Verification of complete system with wiring revisions and necessary software and component upgrades
    • In-house design validation with a complete functional test prior to on-site commissioning
    • Detailed inspection and documentation of actual cabinet assembly prior to teardown
    • Demolition, installation and precommissioning checks done in a timely manner to meet customer's scheduling needs

GCS replaced the Woodward Linknet RTD and AIO Modules with Woodward RTCnet RTD and AIO Modules. These modules are responsible for transmitting system critical data (bearing temperatures, oil levels, etc.) to the Woodward MicroNet Plus control via redundant CAN networks. Using the Woodward GAP 3 software, each of these inputs can be individually monitored and programmed to customer specifications.

With two technicians on site, GCS was able to complete the demolition, installation, and pre-commissioning checks for a single unit in five days.

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