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Digestive Gas System Engine Integrated Control Upgrade G3520C/E Engines


The customer needed the engines to be flexible with the fuel they were able to run. Currently running on digester methane from cow waste, the engines would need to be converted to utilize pipeline natural gas. The OEM control system did not provide the flexibility the customer needed to successfully complete this operational change.

  • Power Generation
  • (3x) Caterpillar G3520C Gas Engine-Generators Rated at 1600 kW each
  • The engines currently run on Digester Methane and will be switched to run on Pipeline Natural Gas
  • Woodward LECM Large Engine Control Module Single engine controller for speed governing, emissions control, ignition, detonation detection, monitoring, and protection.
  • Woodward TecJet Mass-flow metering fuel valve for Full Authority engine air-fuel ratio control.
  • Woodward Actuation and Ignition OEM factory-provided Woodward actuators and ignition coils retained.
  • Woodward easYgen Generator control package for synchronizing, load-sharing, monitoring, and protection.

From the start, the design approach was to provide a system that could be packaged and supplied in a standardized kit form that could be applied and installed on any G3520C/E engine of the same vintage; not just the engines at this site. With this in mind, the system was developed as a drop-in replacement for the OEM control system and could be installed within a short time frame.

The new system utilizes the original factory-provided throttle and turbo compressor bypass valves and actuators as well as the OEM ignition coils. The majority of OEM on-engine sensors are also re-used. The system features the Woodward TecJet mass-flow metering valve which fully replaces the OEM Raptor valve. In addition, the Woodward easYgen generator controllers are integrated on CAN bus and the LECM communicates to the SCADA system via ModBus TCP for display of vital system information in the operator control room.

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