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KRAL Single Line Fuel Metering Systems


GCS supplied Kral Fuel Measuring Systems to measure fuel usage for EMO 645 engines on 35 petroleum tank barges operating on inland waterways.The KRAL Single Line Volumeters are installed from the fuel holding tanks to the day tanks to provide an accurate reading of how much fuel is burned in a 24 hour period.The KRAL Day Tank Monitoring Systems consists of a volumeter to measure liquid volume. Using the temperature sensor and density table, the measured values of the KRAL Volumeter can be converted in mass units. The Single Line System yields very accurate flow measurement.

  • Petroleum Tank Barges
  • EMO 645
  • KRAL OME32 Volumeter A linear positive displacement meter. It divides a fluid into countable quantities and totalizes those quantities using speed sensors and electronic units.

  • 1G thread end connection Speed Sensor Probe Thread Adapter BEM 300 Single Line Unit

The KRAL Volumeter is a very compact positive displacement meter. The measurement chamber consists of the casing and two screw spindles. The spindles continuously divide the liquid in a precision made closed measuring- chamber nothing escapes. The precisely measured value is calculated from the known measuring chamber volume and the spindle rotation speed.

Central monitoring and control is performed via a custom, GCS designed HMI/SCADA system consisting of a touch-screen terminal in the switchgear room with a desktop PC in the operator control room.

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