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KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems

KRAL Standard FCM System

Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems

The standard KRAL FCM system is comprised of 2 KRAL positive displacement flow meters (Volumeters) and a BEM 500 electronic unit. Temperature differences between the forward and return fuel flows are taken into account to provide a more accurate reading.

Fuel Consumption Measurement (FCM) Components

  • Kral Volumeter
  • Temperature Sensor Probe
  • Speed Sensor Probes
  • Junction Box
  • Connection Flanges
  • BEM 500 Electronic Unit

  KRAL Single Line FCM System

  The Single Line System is installed before the mixing tank and consists of one volumeter to measure liquid volume.
  Using the temperature sensor and density table, the measured values of the KRAL Volumeter can be converted in mass   units. The Single Line System yields very accurate flow measurement over a longer measurement period, but NOT real
  time consumption.

  Single Line System   Components

  • Kral Volumeter
  • Connection Flanges
  • Speed Sensor Probe
  • BEM 300 Single Line Unit

  GCS supplies integrates KRAL FCM into   customer-specific solutions. We have designed   KRAL FCM systems to meet our    customers   operating demands.