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Hydroelectric Power Plant Commissioning


The Salto Osório Hydroelectric Power Plant is a dam and hydroelectric power plant on the Iguazu River near Osório in Paraná, Brazil. It is the second dam upstream of the Iguazu Falls. The plant was completed in 1979. The power station has a 1,078 MW capacity and is supplied with water by a rock-fill embankment dam.The generating facilities consists of six hydroelectric power plants.

The Salto Osório Hydroelectric Power Plant is a major source of power for the petrochemical complex in nearby Porto Alegre.


Hydroelectric Power Plant
➤ Generating facilities consists of 6 hydroelectric power plants upgraded to redundant Woodward AtlasSC controls


➤ 6 x Francis Vertical Hydro Turbines Rated Power: 245,000 HP Rotation speed: 120 rpm Rated flow: 286 m3/s Manufacturer: Mitsubishi / Hitachi


    ➤ 6 x 175 MW, 13.8 kV, p.f 0.9 Manufacturer: Mistubishi


    ➤ Double action horizontal cylinder Internal diameter: 615 mm Stroke: 718 mm Capacity: 74,650 kgm.m

    ➤ Redundant Woodward AtlasSC VersaMax PLC FC5000 Actuator HMI Simplicity

AtlasSC™ Engine and Turbine Control Platform
➤ The AtlasSC control is a powerful and rugged industrial control with embedded microprocessor technology and dedicated I/O for real time control of prime movers.

At the heart of the powerful AtlasSC platform is an industrial processor with Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The AtlasSC platform utilizes PC/104 bus structure to leverage “PC Economics,” resulting in lower costs and greater feature flexibility.

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