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Ingersoll Rand Air Starters

Ingersoll Rand air starters are flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources. They create sheer power from the natural environment, and are perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine and automotive applications. Ingersoll Rand offers well over 200 cataloged models of vain and turbine air starters with an extensive range of options and maintains data on hundreds of special application air starters for extreme conditions.

Control System Integration


  • Low Pressure: Designed for Max Pressure of 90PSI
  • Engagement Type: Pre-engaged
  • Powerful 44 hp turbine motor uses no external lubrication
  • Steel insert at inlet ensures a solid connection
  • Smooth pre-engagement piston minimizes ring gear wear
  • Sealed, oil lubricated planetary gears provide maintenance-free operation Sealed for use in gas and air applications
  • For use with air only
  • 4 inlet, 4 exhaust, and 16 drive housing orientations
  • Left- or right-hand rotation
  • Optional pinions and flanges to fit most any engine


  • ST599F01R895
  • ST599F03L25
  • ST599F03R25
  • ST599F03R31
  • ST599F03R83
  • ST599F03R87
  • ST599F03R893
  • ST599F24R893