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Schaller ACCOMOS®

Schaller ACCOMOS

GCS and Schaller Automation are proud to announce the launch of ACCOMOS®, the latest technology in vibration sensing and monitoring.

ACCOMOS® is a 3-axis ACCeleratiOn MOnitoring System which senses and monitors vibration within your engine drive line.
Small enough to fit in your hand, it is easily installed, and can be secured onto your engine in a matter of minutes.

Super strong Neodymium magnets are used to ensure the sensor stays in place on your engine, even on rough surfaces.

    Key features:
  • Available as stand-alone or with remote monitoring
  • CAN or RS485 communication
  • Real-time feedback
  • Easy installation - no drilling required!
  • Data logging
  • Supports earlier detection of critical safety factors

ACCOMOS® detects discrepancies in vibration behavior and warns the operators of the deviations.

GCS, Schaller Authorized Service Partner brings expert knowledge in engine operation in both marine and land-based applications, and is your proven partner in service and support for Schaller Oil Mist Detection systems.

ACCOMOS® Vibration Monitoring by Schaller Automation

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