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Auxiliary Equipment

Extend Equipment Life, Enhance Safe Operation, Improve Power Quality

Extend Equipment Life, Enhance Safe Operation, Improve Power Quality

GCS represents leading manufacturers of reliable starting systems, filtration systems products help maintain constant voltage, improve power quality, and protect your equipment to maintain safe engine operation.

Designed for ultimate reliability, durability and long life, TDI Air Starters deliver 25% more power with low air/gas consumption.

Spinner II Filtration Centrifuge by Mann and Hummel is an efficient bypass filtration device that spins damaging contaminants out of oil, extending oil life and reducing engine wear.

PowerGUARD combines the benefits of lightning protection, surge suppression, harmonic filters and power factory correction in one simple-to-use module. POM PowerGUARD is "Protection That Pays".

Optimize generator system performance with high performance, reliable Automatic Voltage Regulators and Excitation System.

  • TDI Tech Development

    TDI Tech Development

    Air Starters for Engines and Turbines


  • Spinner II

    Spinner II

    Oil cleaning centrifuges for marine, on-road, and industrial engines


  • POM PowerGUARD

    POM PowerGUARD

    Lightening Protection, Surge Suppression, Power Factor Correction


  • AVRs and Excitation

    AVRs and Excitation

    Automatic Voltage Regulators