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Basler AVR & Excitation Systems

GCS is the Authorized Basler Distributor for the territories of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America (excluding Argentina and Uruguay). GCS is your Basler expert in parts, service, support and system upgrades.

Basler Electric manufactures a complete line of Automatic Voltage Regulators and Excitation Control Systems. Basler AVRs and Excitation Systems are available for a range of standard and custom solutions for new generators or retrofits. Whether it's prime mover or emergency back-up power, Basler Electric has regulators for high performance and reliablity

GCS has experience and technical skills to retrofit Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Excitation systems fitted on steam, gas or hydro turbines or diesel or gas engines. We retrofit simplex AVR systems to more complex redundant configuration excitation systems consisting of a brush or brushless rotating exciter, PMG or bus fed excitation systems, from field flashing to crow bar protection.

The GCS engineering team retrofits individual AVR systems and AVRs as part of a larger engineered control system, featuring excitation system design, installation and service for land or marine applications.

Talk to GCS about how our extensive experience in engineered system design will support you in upgrading your AVR to achieve optimal performance.

Basler AVR Product Range

GCS supports a range of Basler AVRs from DECS100 through DECS400 and ECS2100 Excitation Systems.

Control System Integration

ES Series, Protection Relays

ES Series Protection Relays provide a wide range of cost-saving options to simplify protection related to Generator, Transformer, Distribution, Process Control, Auto Transfer Schemes, and Motor applications. ES relays offer many high-end features not typically found in a low-cost device to provide simple, yet sophisticated, protection for your applications. Multiple DIN-rail mounting options are available

  • Simplify protection by covering a wide range of applications using ES relays.
  • Sophisticated fundamental sensing technology gives you high-end harmonic protection capabilities that prevent false tripping and allows you to be more selective.
  • DIN-rail mounting provides low-cost, fast, easy, and compact installation.
  • Red and green LEDs on the front panel provide intuitive, easy-to-understand indication of system status.
  • Models are available in six standard input voltages.
  • Many ES relay models are self-powered, eliminating the need for additional power sources.
  • Conformal coating improves protection against dust and corrosion.
  • Accurate, repeatable, and reliable operation.

Control System Integration

DECS-250E, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-250E Digital Excitation Control System provides accurate and reliable regulation, control, and protection for synchronous motors or generators. Three DECS-250E models are available to supply 50 Adc, 100 Adc, or 200 Adc of excitation current continuously in a static or rotary exciter application. All DECS-250E components are housed in a compact enclosure which makes for a simple and cost-effective installation in a variety of applications.

  • Reduce your setup time with Basler's intuitive BESTCOMSPlus software that simplifies complex setup with simple drag-and-drop programmable logic, visual real-time strip chart capabilities, and cutting edge auto PID selection capabilities.
  • The Offline Simulator in BESTlogic Plus helps test and troubleshoot logic without the need for expensive hardware.
  • A full suite of generator and motor protection features for accurate fault detection and clearing, which helps eliminate dangerous and damaging conditions to the generator or motor.
  • Extensive communication options for easy integration into a wide variety of control systems.

Control System Integration

DECS-150, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-150 features entire system solutions and total control in one compact package that provides precise voltage, var and power factor regulation, and exceptional system response, plus generator protection. An optional power system stabilizer helps you meet stringent grid code compliance requirements. The DECS-150 offers extreme flexibility and total functionality in a cost effective, easy-to-use package.

  • Reduce your setup time with Basler's intuitive BESTCOMSPlus software that simplifies complex setup with simple drag-and-drop programmable logic, visual real-time strip chart capabilities, and cutting edge auto PID selection capabilities.
  • The revolutionary auto-tuning function automatically establishes optimum PID and gain settings, taking the guesswork out of system setup, reducing commissioning time and cost while maximizing overall system performance.
  • Powerful 7 or 10 amp pulse-width-modulated (PWM) power stage provides a high initial response for exceptional system response to load transients.

BE1-11g, Generator Protection System

Correctly configuring protection with confidence has never been easier than with the BE1-11. The BE1-11g Generator Protection System is designed with a complete line of protection and control elements, from backup distance (21) protection to phase differential (87). An available advanced synchronizer (25A) includes selectable phase-lock-loop and anticipatory modes. The BE1-11g has many features to address issues with reliability arising from programming complexity. With BESTspace files, multiple BESTlogicPlus preprogrammed logic schemes, and associated application notes, you can be confident that you have the protection you need.

  • Complex protection is easy to configure and understand with preprogrammed schemes, drag-and-drop logic, user labels, and notes provided by BESTlogicPlus
  • Adaptable coordination for difficult applications is made possible by 24 industry-standard timing curves and five user-defined curves
  • Connection is easy, even when using multiple large wires, with large screw terminals for all terminations
  • Get the information you need for system analysis with distance-to-fault, oscillography, demand metering, power quality, breaker monitoring, and other data provided by the BE1-11
  • Easily navigate settings and metering with the intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) menu and large LCD display
  • Reliable protection even during abnormal operation events such as high ambient temperature, blocked cooling, or worn bearings, with optional RTD module

Control System Integration

IEM-2020, Industrial Engine Module

An advanced, rugged engine controller that's easy to set up and allows for highly customized profiles to be used in most engine control schemes.

  • Extremely rugged, potted design and industry leading temperature, vibration, and shock specifications make the IEM-2020 optimal for harsh pump applications
  • Easy to use, fully programmable I/O, including two analog inputs with expandable options, creates the ability to easily adapt the IEM-2020 to the application. Reduce installation costs by eliminating peripheral components and maximizing user flexibility to easily meet specific requirements
  • The Offline Simulator in BESTlogic Plus helps identify and troubleshoot the logic without the expensive need for physical hardware
  • Built in RPM profile feature allows customized speed control schemes to be implemented into the system, eliminating the need for auxiliary devices and maintaining precise speed control