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Basler AVR & Excitation Systems

Basler Electric manufactures a complete line of Automatic Voltage Regulators and Excitation Control Systems. Basler AVRs and Excitation Systems are available for a range of standard and customer solutions for new generators or retrofits. Whether it's prime mover or emergency back-up power, Basler Electric has regulators for high performance and reliablity

GCS has experience and technical skills to retrofit Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Excitation systems fitted on steam, gas or hydro turbines or diesel or gas engines. We retrofit simplex AVR systems to more complex redundant configuration excitation systems consisting of a brush or brushless rotating exciter, PMG or bus fed excitation systems, from field flashing to crow bar protection.

The GCS engineering team retrofits individual AVR systems and AVRs as part of a larger engineered control system, featuring excitation system design, installation and service for land or marine applications..