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Catalyst Maintenance

To keep your catalyst elements in compliance with emissions regulations, maintenance service must be performed at regular intervals. GCS offers catalyst replacement, chemical washing and repair for all makes and models of catalysts and substrates.

Catalyst Washing is the chemical process for removing accumulated ash from the surface of the catalyst to significantly extend service life Typically chemical wash is performed when CO (carbon monoxide) reduction efficiency is reduced from 80% to 65%. The process is engine dependent: 2 stroke engines require more frequent washing than 4 stroke. Rule of thumb for high speed, 4 stroke engines ? clean no more than twice; 2 stroke or slow speed, clean maximum four (4) times. If a catalyst has been previously cleaned, it will not return to its full capabilities. As a rule, catalysts should only be cleaned three (3) times before needing to be replaced; each cleaning removes some of the precious materials required for the catalytic process.

Catalyst Maintenance Chart