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DCL Diesel Particulate Filters

DCL MINE-X diesel-particulate-filters

Reduce particulate matter and smoke from
diesel engine exhaust

DCL particulate filters are highly effective in the elimination of particulate matter (PM10) or soot from diesel exhaust. DCL offers a variety of filter coatings and designs, depending on the engine application and duty cycle.

Wall-Flow Diesel Particulate Filters

DCL's diesel particulate filters are used to meet MSHA standards for particulate matter in underground mines, EPA or CARB mandated standards for particulate emissions in diesel vehicle retrofits, or simply to improve the air quality in a work site containing diesel engines.

Sample configurations for most large engines, i.e. CAT 3500 or Cummins KTA engines.

958R Mine - X Sootfilter

B906 Mine - X Sootfilter

B915 Mine - X Sootfilter


Typical Conversion Efficiencies

Particulate matter measured by particle count* >99% >99%
Particulate matter (PM10) measured by particle mass* >85% >85%
CO 90% -
HC 60-80% -
NOx NO2/NOx ratio may increase no change in NO2/NOx ratio
*ultra fine and fine particles (diameter 10-500 nm)

  • Key advantages:

    • Gasketless catalyst sealing system
    • Handles for element removal
    • Metallic substrate and low BP
    • Captive Bolts
    • Available in any configuration
    • 304 Stainless construction

  • Unique features:

    • Re-enforced graphite lid gasket
    • Replaceable retaining bars (no bolts or nuts inside)
    • Quick release retaining pins
    • No internal gasketing

Flow-Through Diesel Particulate Filter

Flow-Through Diesel Particulate Filter

The MINE-X®Flow-Through Filter is a revolutionary patent pending, flow-through particulate filter that provides effective removal of diesel particulate matter and lower backpressure than conventional wall-flow particulate filters. DCL flow-through, particulate filters are used to meet EPA or CARB standards for particulate reduction or simply to improve air quality around diesel engines. The MINE-X® Flow-Through Filter removes up to 60% Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) and requires diesel fuel with sulfur content less than 500 ppm and works best with sulfur content less than 15 ppm (ULSD).