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Woodward Gas Fuel Metering and Control

Tightening emissions standards, cost pressures, and dispersed application requirements have resulted in a more challenging business climate for the gas turbine industry. To meet these demands, Woodward offers comprehensive energy control system solutions for every size, type, and application of gas turbine made.

From the smallest turbine in distributed generation to the largest used in power generation applications, Woodward offers a tightly integrated control system solution that perfectly matches the requirements.


Woodward Fuel Metering Valves for Gas Turbines

Woodward's complete line of Fuel Metering Systems or "fuel skids" incorporates the components needed for DLEengine operation for industrial aero-derivative gas turbine platforms. They represent the latest in a long line of fully validated, highly reliable systems made available to the market at cost-effective prices. These simple, drop-in solutions are typically applied to electrical power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive system processes.

Woodward Liquid Fuel Metering Valves for Gas Turbines

Woodward Liquid Fuel Metering valves accurately meter liquid fuel to a gas turbine during acceleration, steady-state operation, and deceleration. May be used for almost any liquid-fueled industrial gas turbine application within its range of fuel flow.

Woodward Specialty Valves for Gas Turbines

Woodward's 3151A Water Valve with EML100 actuator controls water flow to reduce overall emissions of aeroderivative gas turbines.


  • 3151A Water Valve/EML100 Actuator Assembly

    The Woodward 3151A Water Valve/EML100 Actuator assembly is used as part of a gas-turbine nitrous oxide emission-reduction system. The unit meters water injected into an industrial gas turbine's combustion chamber, lowering combustion temperature. This assembly is designed to be used with the Woodward EM Digital Driver.

Woodward Standard and Custom Gas Turbine Controls

Woodward produces a wide range of standard and custom control platforms that provide complete mechanical control for industrial turbines from start through a full range of output to safe shutdown. Most controls are microprocessor-based with programmable integral application software designed for many types of gas turbine applications.

Woodward Fuel Control Valve Drivers for Gas Turbines

The Woodward DVP is the state-of-the art driver for electric actuation. It features a rugged and compact design.
The DVP is designed for use with various Woodward valves and actuators. It provides positioning based on a demand signal from the control system. Multiple input type configurations allow the DVP to be used with many different turbine controllers.


  • Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)

    Several DVP options are available. Input power is either 24VDC or 125VDC and IP30 or IP56 enclosures can be supplied. Configurable input signal protocols include EGD (Ethernet), CANopen, Analog (4-20ma or 0-5Vdc), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Connector, terminal block or conduit options are available to handle various wiring needs.

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