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Hydro Control Systems

As Woodward governor specialists, GCS engineers are factory-trained and have many years' experience designing and engineering retrofits of aging hydraulic systems to modern electronic control systems.

GCS has the expertise to upgrade your existing mechanical speed and actuations controls for improved speed control, protection, excitation, vibration detection, SCADA/HMI and remote monitoring and control.

Woodward Control Systems for Hydro Turbines

Woodward produces standard and custom control platforms that provide turbine control from start through a full range of output to safe shutdown. Most controls are microprocessor-based with programmable integral application software designed for hydro turbine applications.

Hydro Plant Commissioning


505 H Digital Control

The Woodward 505H Digital Governor is a microprocessor-based control designed to control fixed- or adjustable-blade hydroelectric turbines. The 505H may be configured to meet the site-specific application requirements allowing a single design to be used in many different control applications, reducing both cost and delivery time. The 505H control has two normal operating modes, the Program Mode and the Run Mode. The Program Mode is used to select the options needed to configure the control to your specific turbine application.

828 Digital Control

The Woodward 828 Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, and gas compression/distribution. The control may also be used in co-generation, power transmission/distribution, process management, pipeline pump stations, utility power generation, emergency standby power, and remote control station operation. The Woodward 828 provides state-of-the-art control for new and retrofit installations.

Atlas-II and Atlas-SC™ Turbine Control

Woodward's Atlas-II and Atlas-SC controls are industrial platforms that offer robust, low-cost controls for a wide variety of applications. With a proven real-time operating system and dedicated inputs and outputs, the Woodward Atlas-II and Atlas-SC provide reliable and deterministic performance for key prime mover control functionality.

MicroNet™ Turbine Control

The Woodward MicroNet™ Controller is a state-of-the-art programmable, digital controller. It can be programmed to control any prime mover and its associated processes, as well as system sequencing, high system monitoring, surge control, vibration monitoring and station control. The Woodward MicroNet™ digital control is available in both simplex and triple modular redundant (TMR) configurations.

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