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Engine Efficiency Management

KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems (FCM) are ideally suited for marine and power generation fuel measurement. Fuel consumption value is an indicator of optimum engine tuning. Reducing speeds of ocean-going vessels and improved engine tuning can save as much as 10% on fuel. KRAL FCM Systems are reliable regulatory monitoring devices to document fuel usage for emissions control air permit reports.

KRAL FCM verify the effectiveness of fuel-saving solutions:

    Engine Efficiency Management
  • Real time measurement, idle to full load
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Extremely accurate (+/- 0.12%)
  • Compact design, robust cast iron cases; steel nitrated spindles
  • Long working life and stable operation
  • All major marine certifications
  • Emissions control air permit reporting tool
  • Available in six (6) design sizes, engine sizes 300 kW and up

(FCM) Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems

Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems

The standard KRAL FCM system is comprised of 2 KRAL positive displacement flow meters (Volumeters) and a BEM 500 electronic unit. Temperature differences between the forward and return fuel flows are taken into account to provide a more accurate reading.

Fuel Consumption Measurement (FCM) Components

  • Kral Volumeter
  • Temperature Sensor Probe
  • Speed Sensor Probes
  • Junction Box
  • Connection Flanges
  • BEM 500 Electronic Unit


The Single Line System is installed before the mixing tank and consists of one volumeter to measure liquid volume. Using the temperature sensor and density table, the measured values of the KRAL Volumeter can be converted in mass units. The Single Line System yields very accurate flow measurement over a longer measurement period, but NOT real time consumption.

Single Line System Components

  • Kral Volumeter
  • Connection Flanges
  • Speed Sensor Probe
  • BEM 300 Single Line Unit

GCS supplies integrates KRAL FCM into customer-specific solutions. We have designed KRAL FCM systems to meet our customers operating demands.


Kral FCM Material Flow Range HP Range Application GCS P/N
OME13 Compact - 3 sensor Aluminum .02 - .04 gpm 100 - 2000 HP Not for vessels with class certification 5000-0013
OME 20 Compact Aluminum .07 - 12 gpm 100 - 2000 HP Not for vessels with class certification 5000-0009
OMG 20 FCM Steel .07 - 12 gpm 100 - 2000 HP Heavy fuel oil application Hybrid Bearings 5000-0001
OMG 20 FCM Steel .07 - 12 gpm 100 - 2000 HP Class certified 5000-0006
OMP 20 Steel .07 - 12 gpm 100 - 2000 HP Class certified - HFO Before Heater 5000-0011
OME 32 Compact Aluminum .25 - .40 gpm 2000 - 6500 HP Not for vessels with class certification 5000-0010
OMG 32 FCM Steel .25 - 40 gpm 2000 - 6500 HP Heavy fuel oil application Hybrid Bearings 5000-0007
OMG 32 FCM Steel .25 - 40 gpm 2000 - 6500 HP Class certified 5000-0005
OMP 32 Steel .25 - 40 gpm 2000 - 6500 HP Class certified - HFO Before Heater 5000-0012

KRAL Volumeters

KRAL Flowmeters (Volumeters) measure the flow of liquids. They are accurate to +/- 0.1% of rate over a wide flow and viscosity range. The KRAL Volumeter (fuel meter) is a very compact positive displacement meter that measures the flow of liquids. The measurement chamber consists of the casing and two screw spindles. The spindles continuously divide the liquid in a precision made closed measuring chamber - nothing escapes. The precisely measured value is calculated from the known measuring chamber volume and the spindle rotation speed. Their robust construction maintains precise and reliable measurements over years of operation.

For details and product specifications about KRAL Flowmeters below:

  • OME Compact Series
  • OME Economy Series
  • OMG Universal Series
  • OMP Series for HFO


  • OME Compact Series Flow meter (Volumeter)

    OME Compact Series: 13, 20, 32, 52

    OME Compact combines flow direction, detection and temperature measurement in one sensor with a terminal connector. Flow range from .027 ? 135 gpm, max. operating temp 257?F, max. design pressure 600 PSI, anodized aluminum construction.

  • OME Series

    OME Economy Series

    Optimized for efficient, economical precision flow measurement. Flow range: 0.03 to 135 gpm, max. pressure 600 PSI, temperature range : -4 to 257 ?F, anodized aluminum construction.

  • OMG Series

    OMG Series: 13, 20, 32, 52, 68, 100, 140

    OMG Universal Flow Meter quickly adapts when there is rapid flow fluctuation and pressure loss. Flow range: 0.025 to 2000 gal/min, max. pressure: 3625 PSI, temperature range: -4 to 392 ?F. Class certified, HFO, designed for harsh environments. Steel construction.

  • OMP Series: 20, 32, 52

    OMP Series: 20, 32, 52

    Customized for fuel consumption measurement application including booster module and burner/boiler. Flow range from 0,3 to 525 l/min., max. operating temperature 125 ?C, max. design pressure 40 bar. Class certified, standard with hybrid bearings for HFO (heavy fuel oil) application ? robust and long life. Steel construction.

KRAL Electronics

KRAL Electronics
KRAL flowmeters

KRAL BEM electronic units are matched to KRAL flowmeters and their applications and can be installed in the engine room or in remote locations. They display the measured fuel consumption in addition to the values recorded at each meter.

The high quality KRAL electronic components and evaluation algorithms used, maintain precisely measured flow values to be shown on the display as well as the signal outputs. The flow and temperature ranges of the flowmeters are stored in the electronics and if values are exceeded then the alarms are displayed.


Special PC software (BEM1000) is available free of charge and can be used to capture and analyze the data over Modbus interface. Multiple mounting options. (KRAL flowmeter, wall, pipe, control panel).

  BEM 300 BEM 500
Application Management system - Low cost version Management system
Display Four-lined Four-lined
Sensor input PTA 100 1-channel type
2-channel type
Analot output
Pulse output
Power Supply 24 VDC 24 VDC
Linearization - 7 points
Interface Modbus

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