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Mechanical Designs

Mechanical Designs

GCS in-house mechanical engineering team designs solutions that enhance the lifecycle of industrial equipment and machinery.

Using the latest computer-aided technology and solid modeling designs, our highly-specialized engineers analyze and develop custom products for customer-specific applications.

GCS offers replacement parts for Gerhardt adapters and other similar designs.

See the below table for examples of custom designed mechanical actuation modifications and adaptations.

  • UG40DMAS Conversion Kit replaces the obsolete UG40-DI governor UG40MAS Plus Upgrade

    Struggling with an obsolete UG40 governor? GCS offers a UG40DMAS Conversion Kit to retrofit the UG40-DI (US40 Governor with Digital Interface). The UG40MAS Plus Upgrade has all the features of the traditional UG40 governor, PLUS a digital interface for remote speed setting, start fuel limiting and shutdown.

  • GCS Actuator Replacement Kit for Waukesha ESM Extender Engines Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor

    Retrofit your Heinzmann actuator with the rugged Woodward R-11 Actuator. The GCS Actuator Repacement Kit (p/n 1005-0026) is an easy-to-install direct replacement for the Heinzmann actuator. Resistant to water and extreme environments, Woodward R-11 offers precision control in harsh environments. CSA Class I, Div II.

  • Dynalco SC-2124 Universal Scanner Adapter Kit Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor

    Uprade your obsolete Dynalco TM-5000 scanner to the current model
    SC-2124 with this easy replacement. Kit includes: Adapter plate for mounting the new SC2124 in the larger TM5000 cutout, DIN rail mounted terminal blocks for easy wiring

  • All Electric Actuator replaces Mechanical/ hydraulic Equipment Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor

    Replaced GE mechanical governor with all electric actuator simplifying the mechanical linkage and removing the need for the hydraulics. Speed/load control more repeatable so less time spent by maintenance in adjusting the control system.

  • Woodward 505 controls GE Turbine Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor

    Redesigned the front standard on this 46MW GE condensing turbine to remove all the old mechanical governor and replace with a Parker actuation driven by a Woodward 505. A new hydraulic power unit was designed to provide control oil for the actuator.

  • Rotary Actuation mounted on Steam rack Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor

    Rotary actuation design on a Westinghouse single extraction turbine. The design of these actuators eliminated the need for linkage as they are directly mounted on the Steam rack.

  • Precise Control with all-electric Actuation CAT G3500

    Hydro-mechanical EG3P to Electric ProAct Actuators

    Woodward EG3P hydraulic actuators and 2301A speed controls were widely used on Caterpillar G3500A Series (and Waukesha F-18) engines. Replicating the new factory engine design GCS engineered actuation packages utilizing the Woodward ProAct ISC actuator.

  • Waukesha F-18 Precise Control with all-electric Actuation Waukesha F18

    Hydro-mechanical EG3P to Electric ProAct Actuators

    Woodward EG3P hydraulic actuators were widely used on Waukesha F-18 engines. GCS engineered a new actuation package, part number 1005-0022, utilizing the Woodward ProAct ISC actuator, replicating the new factory engine design.

  • Turbine & Engine Speed Monitor Turbine & Engine Speed Monitor

    Add a local tachometer to any turbine using existing linkage. Tach Kit may also be used to provide speed signal source for electronic governor upgrades. Available with Speed switch that converts speed reading to a 4-20 mA signal to be read in a remote location and Overspeed Trip Test device.

  • Turbine Governor Retrofits Turbine Governor Retrofits
    • Drive adapter and linkage of mechanical hydraulic TG governor improves speed control
    • Pneumatic actuator configurations for greater speed and process control
    • Integrates to electronic control
  • Direct Mount Valtek Kit Direct Mount Valtek Kit

    Actuates turbine steam valves with position signal from electronic governors.  Mounting adapter fits any steam valve bolt pattern up to 10.5 inches; uses full size standoffs for a ridged connection and LH / RH linkage for easy adjustment of the coupling to the steam valve.

  • ProAct Bracket ProAct Bracket

    Custom brackets and linkage design for any model Woodward ProAct ISC all-electric actuator / governor.

  • Valtek LVDT

    Valtek LVDT

    For applications where high vibration and heat cause premature failure to Valtek positioners, kit includes a LVDT position transmitter to send a feedback signal to a remote mounted electronic pneumatic servo valve.  Servo valve then controls actuator thru pneumatic tubing connections.

  • Woodward TM25 hydraulic actuator and MPU bracket Woodward TM25 hydraulic actuator and MPU bracket

    Improve generator speed and load control by replacing old OEM system with modern actuation.

  • Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor Turbine Drive Rotary Compressor

    Steam turbine cannot start the compressor after it cools down more than 20-30 minutes due to product viscosity change. Manual rotation is required to clear the compressor.
    Worm gear drive mechanism turns turbine/ compressor in a safe manner.

  • Barring Device for compressor Barring Device for compressor

    Pneumatically-operated cylinder with sufficient force and stroke to bar the motor/compressor several slots at a time. A ratchet devise was also included to prevent roll back of compressor automatically. Both devices have provision to be latched in a safe position when the unit is ready for operation.

Precise Control with All-Electric Actuation

Precise Control with All-Electric Actuation

Engine operators may be experiencing problems with their control system and actuation: open loop position controls, actuator using dirty engine oil, and frequent maintenance and adjustments of complex linkage. All electric actuation and integral driver with position feedback to close the loop provides tighter, more precise controls, removes engine oil contamination, and simplifies linkage.

As a result, engine manufacturers are replacing mechanical EG3P actuators with Woodward all-electric ProAct actuators with digital drivers for improved reliability and engine control. The actuator mounting configuration is consistent with the factory design found on newer engine models and is available as a standard kit for the Caterpillar G3500 series and Waukesha F-18 engines.

  • This new system upgrades the engine to an all-electric actuator that is no longer dependent on clean oil supply for proper operation.
  • By mounting the ProAct ISC near the throttle, the linkage is reduced to a few inches, resulting in better engine control and a more reliable design. Numerous unnecessary joints are removed improving the reliability and serviceability of the throttle linkage. ProAct ISC has an on-board digital driver so it may be configured and calibrated via a PC service tool to interface to the speed control.

Self-powered Tach Kits for Easy, Reliable Speed Monitoring

Reduce downtime, maintenance costs and avoid potential prime mover failures

  • PG Governor Tach Kit

    PG Governor Tach Kit

    Mounts on a mechanical-hydraulic Woodward PG governor. The self-powered PG Tach Kit provides easy, reliable speed monitoring.

  • TG Governor Tach Kit

    TG Governor Tach Kit

    Mounts on a mechanical-hydraulic Woodward TG governor. The self-powered TG Tach Kit provides easy, reliable speed monitoring and data logging.

  • Digital Tachometer

    Digital Tachometer

    Provides reliable readings for overspeed testing locally at the engine. The self-powered tachs do not require external voltage.

Take the guesswork out of monitoring your turbine speed

The GCS-designed PG Governor Tachometer Kit mounts to the installation port on mechanical-hydraulic Woodward PG governors used on general purpose steam turbines.

Reduce downtime, maintenance costs, and potential turbine failures

  • Adapts to the base of any
  • Woodward PG governors
  • Local speed indication to meet API 611 *
  • Designed for digital retrofits
  • Easy to install & read
  • Field configurable
  • Self-powered

* API Standard 611 General-Purpose Steam Turbines for Refinery Service PG Governor part number required to specify correct base. Tach Kit requires installation port for magnetic pickup

PG Tachometer Kit Specifications

  • Encased gear, RAL 7035 Textured
  • Shock, vibration and moisture resistant
  • Intrinsically safe tachometer;
  • Class I, Div I approved
  • Operating temperature range -5 to +175
  • Minimum signal amplitude is 4.0 VRMS
  • LCD display

Enhance your PG Tach Kit to achieve more control over the turbine speed

Speed Switch Transmitter Kit

Overspeed Trip Test Device

Enhance your PG Tach Kit to achieve more control over the turbine speed

Speed Switch Transmitter Kits
Part number 2835-0021
with 2 relay outputs
Part number 2835-0023
with 4 relay outputs

Speed Switch Transmitter Kit

The 316 stainless steel housing contains a speed switch that converts the speed reading to a 4-20 mA signal which can be read from any remote location. Field configurable outputs, frequency and sensitivity, available for 115 VAC or 22-30 VDC.

Note: To bring the speed to your DCS, an additional independent magnetic pickup and assembly cable may be required.

Overspeed Trip Test Device

The Woodward overspeed trip test device manually increases the governor speed setting to check the operation of the turbine overspeed trip mechanism.? It can be installed on any PG governor which has a shutdown rod. Part number 6611-221. Installed on governor in our authorized workshop or in the field.

GCS services include PG Governor overhaul, installation and commissioning

  • Installed port for magnetic pickup
  • PG Tach Kit installation
  • PG Governor Exchanges
  • Kit, Speed Switch Transmitters
  • Overspeed Trip Test Device