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Protect your engines with Schaller Oil Mist Detectors

Schaller Automation - Oil Mist Detectors

Schaller Automation is one of the pioneers of Oil Mist Detectors. Since the late 1960's, VISATRON Oil Mist Detection systems protect large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines all over the world.

Schaller Visatron Oil Mist Detectors protect over 50,000 engines worldwide: CAT, MaK, Wartsila, EMD, Deutz, GE, Sulzer, Man B&W, Pielstick, etc. Moving components inside engines generate oil mist, which may cause crankcase explosions - early oil mist detection prevents explosions and major engine damage. GCS can support your Schaller service needs with factory-trained technicians. Find out more about Schaller on the Schaller Website.

GCS is a Schaller Authorized Service Partner, serving the Mid Atlantic, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast and Pacific Northwest regions of the USA

Schaller Visatron

Schaller Visatron

  • Protects engines from potential explosion
  • Fast acting - seconds to engine shut down
  • Classification approvals - ABS, USCG and more

GCS provides Schaller Unit Service

  • Regular maintenance
  • Manufacturer calibration and overhaul
  • Upgrades to reduce the maintenance frequency
  • Trouble-shooting and emergency service
  • Factory-trained and experienced technicians

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