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TDI Air Starters

TDI Air Starters are designed for ultimate reliability, durability and long life. Long cranking cycles, contaminated air and improper maintenance - a starter's worst enemies - have almost no effect on TDI Air Starters. TDI pre-engaged and inertia engaged air starters fit most engine & turbine applications.

TDI Features:

  • Low air consumption, starts on low air pressure
  • High power output for fast, sure starting every time
  • Longer life
  • 42% lighter than comparable vane starters
  • Lubricated for life
  • No maintenance needed

TDI Applications

Power generators, peak shaving units, stand-by & emergency power; marine propulsion, winches, pumps & bow thrusters; oil & gas compressors; drilling rigs and offshore platforms.

TDI Air Starting Products

  • TDI TurboTwin Series

    Compact, low pressure turbine air starters offer unmatched efficiency for low air/gas consumption. Delivers 25% more power.

  • TDI Gas Turbine Air Starters

    Precision of aerospace components, yet designed to match the harsh environmental challenges facing industrial gas turbine engines.

  • TDI Valves and Accessoires

    Wide variety of valves, fittings and accessories to maximize the efficiency of TurboTwin Starters.

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Video Gallery

For more information, view a selection of TDI videos, which showcase the most innovative air starting system and its applications offered by TDI.