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Self-powered Tach Kits for Easy, Reliable Speed Monitoring

Reduce downtime, maintenance costs and avoid potential prime mover failures

GCS Tachometer Kits take the guesswork out of tracking your turbine or engine speed. GCS self-powered Tachometer Kits provide a safe, reliable means of speed montoring and data logging of turbine and engine peak speeds. The self-powered tachometers do not require external voltage; only a connection to the speed sensor is needed.

Specified for Woodward TG and PG Turbine Governors, GCS self-powered Tach Kits are scalable, field-configurable and easy to install directly on the governor. The tachometers have gear-encased housing and are intrinsically safe - Class I, Div II approved. Avoid potential prime mover failures, reduce downtime, and maintenance costs due to turbine or engine overspeed.

TG Governor Tachometer Kit

GCS TG Tachometer Kit mounts on mechanical-hydraulic Woodward TG governors used on general purpose steam turbines. The self-powered TG Tach Kit provides easy, reliable speed monitoring and data logging.

TG Tachometer Kit
  • Universal fit on most turbines, no external power required
  • Shock, vibration & moisture resistant
  • Tracks peak speed & operating hours
  • API 611/612* compliant
  • Historic tracking & display, holds last 10 peak speed readings
  • Tachometer has a five (5) digit backlit display
  • Adapts to multiple magnetic pickup requirements
  • API Standard 611 General Steam Turbines for Refinery Service


PG Governor Tachometer Kit

The GCS-designed PG Tachometer Kit mounts to the installation port on mechanical-hydraulic Woodward PG governors used on general purpose steam turbines.

PG Tachometer Kit
  • Adapts to the base of any Woodward PG governor
  • Local speed indication to meet API 611 *
  • Designed for digital retrofits
  • Easy to install & read
  • Self-powered
  • Tachometer has a five (5) digit backlit display
  • Tachometer can be remotely mounted
  • Housing Options:

* API Standard 611 General-Purpose Steam Turbines for Refinery Service

PG Tachometer Kit Options and Specifications

PG Governor part number required to specify correct base. Tach Kit requires installation port for magnetic pickup.

  • Alco Square Base - p/n 2853-0012
  • Round Base - p/n 2853-0013
  • Encased gear, RAL 7035 Textured
  • Shock, vibration and moisture resistant
  • Intrinsically safe tachometer; Class I, Div I approved
  • Operating temperature range -5 to +175
  • Minimum signal amplitude is 4.0 VRMS
  • LCD display

On-Engine Speed Monitoring Diesel Engines

The GCS Digital Tachometer provides reliable readings for over-speed testing locally at the engine. Technicians can rely on the tach readings when setting up mechanical governors during exchanges. The self-powered tachs do not require external voltage.