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Custom Training

Training tailored to specific requirements


Customized classes are available on request for most Woodward control products, control platforms and other GCS product applications. Dates and class curriculum may be tailored to meet customer-specific application and system requirements. Select custom dates for our standard courses on Woodward mechanical governors and actuators to Woodward control products, control platforms and applications and upper level electronic controls, including Micronet and GAP software.

Customized training also may be arranged for Basler AVRS & Excitation Controls, Bently Nevada Vibration Monitoring Systems, Kral Fuel Metering Systems, and Schaller Oil Mist Detectors.

Custom training can be delivered at customers site or any GCS location - Florida, Louisiana, Virginia or Washington. Custom training is available in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Contact the GCS Training Coordinator at (877) 659-6328 or email training(at)govconsys.com to arrange a custom class.

  • Woodward 723 and DSLC / MSLC
    Synchronizer & Load Control

    This class covers the servicing and commissioning power management systems using the 723 and DSLC & MSLC controls. The training includes the theory, installation, programming, operation, and maintenance of the 723 and DSLC & MSLC control system with the help of simulators and various modules.

  • Woodward EGCP-2/3 Power Management Control

    Learn about the Woodward EGCP-3. This class will begin with an introduction to the basics of power management. The installation, programming, troubleshooting, and operation of the EGCP-3 will be covered and class members will gain hands-on experience in programming the control.

  • Woodward GAP (Graphical Application Program) Version 2.xx/3.xx

    This class covers basic programming of the Woodward GAP? (Graphical Application Program) software. During the course, GAP™ application programming as well as monitoring with the use of Monitor GAP utility will be accomplished.

  • Woodward Mechanical Governor Basics

    Mechanical Governor Basics including TG, PG, PGA, PGG, PG-PL, UG-8, UG-25, etc. Learn about Woodward mechanical governor theory, installation, calibration/testing procedures and maintenance. Practical training includes hands-on assembly and adjustments of controls.

  • Woodward MicroNet Digital Turbine Control (TMR, Plus)

    The class covers theory, tuning and some programming of the Woodward MicroNet digital control platform and GAP theory and programming.

  • Basler DECS 200/250 Voltage Regulator & Excitation Control

    This course starts with the fundamentals on AVR and excitation systems, from wiring diagram moving on to the step-by-step configuring of a DECS200. The class includes hands-on setting up and configuring the two different AVR's and a review of the use of tuning tools.

  • Bently Nevada 3500

    Review the theory, operation and troubleshooting of the Bently Nevada vibration monitoring systems.

  • KRAL Fuel Metering Systems

    Review the theory, installation, operation and maintenance of the KRAL volumeters and electronics. Work on a KRAL system conntected to a close loop.

  • Schaller Oil Mist Detection Systems

    Theory, functionality, description and components of Schaller VISATRON device and backround about the formation of Oil Mist in the crankcase compartment, interaction between engine functionality. Measuring principles and opacity will be covered plus practical training, maintenance, installation, troubleshooting as well as industry regulations.