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Vibration Monitoring Systems
and Analysis Services

Vibration analysis protects your critical equipment, minimizes downtime and increases plant productivity.

An effective vibration analysis program can protect the life of your machinery by identifying problems and other defects prior to equipment failure.

Machinery Diagnostic Audits

  • Capture & analysis of vibration data during transient speed & steady state operation
  • Document pre- and post-outage performance with recommendations for improving operation & maintenance
  • Troubleshoot high vibration conditions
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Field acceptance testing for all OEMs
  • Mechanical Designs

    Calibration Services & Monitoring System Maintenance

    GCS has the knowledge and expertise to fully verify your existing field devices & monitoring system, from complex multi-bearing turbine supervisory instrumentation system to small motor-pump unit.

  • Monitoring system & module programming, calibration and troubleshooting.
  • Transducer calibration curves & response verification.
  • Transducer design installation reviews / replacement.
  • Relay logic programming & operational checks.
  • Plant network integration.
  • Software configuration & firmware updates.
  • GCS HMI and SCADA Systems

    Predictive Maintenance - Periodic Vibration Surveys

    Periodic vibration surveys detect faults at an early stage, allowing time for planned maintenance and reduced breakdown maintenance.

    Mechanical Designs

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Designed to handle all of your routine data collection & analysis needs, providing you with a fully-functional program.
  • Data is typically collected on a monthly or quarterly basis, and analyzed to detect bearing faults, unbalance, misalignment, and all the other typically rotating equipment problems.
  • Reports are issued for each survey to provide discrete, machinery-specific maintenance recommendations to quickly address any problems.
  • Mechanical Designs

    Setup, Remote Analysis & Support, Training

  • Program set-up including software configuration and training.
  • Data analysis services, remote analysis, and reports.

  • Customer Program Audits

  • Review of transducer applications & data acquisition settings on a per-machine basis.
  • Data collection and analysis techniques, instrumentation setup, and database setup with plant personnel.

  • Training

  • Customized on-site training for plant personnel.
  • Operator & User training
  • Transducer Maintenance & Calibration