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Conversion Kit

Woodward offers a wide variety of controllers for the synchronization and load share market.
Our basic controllers provide standard features for parallel or load share applications which are easy to set up and use.

The easy drop-in replacement kit will save time during installation and for quick retrofits. Included in the kit is the pre-wired DSLC-2 or MSCL-2 mounted on an aluminum chassis that is the exact size as the DSLC or MSLC. Wiring locations are close to the original, minimizing extra terminal blocks and wiring.

For more information about this conversion kit download the product specification below!

Woodward DSLC-2™ Conversion Kit

DSLC-2 (Digital Synchronizer and Load Control-2) and MSLC-2 (Master Synchronizer and Load Control-2) are microprocessor-based synchronizer and load controls designed for use on three-phase AC generators. The DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 will perform the same functionality as the original models, in addition to new features. DSLC and MSLC controls are important product lines to Woodward. However; due to the increasing support costs and lack of obtainable components, production of these products will cease in the near future. This conversion kit allows the user to easily upgrade the DSLC/MSLC system with a DSLC-2/MSLC-2 system.

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