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Woodward easYgen Series controllers operate gensets of all sizes and applications.

Woodward designs and manufactures a range of analog and digital power management controls that meet the many diverse needs of the power generation industry. From base load or process control, to peak shaving and emergency power or communications intensive distributed power generation requirements.


easYgen-600/800 and easYgen-1600/1800

The easYgen-600/800 and easYgen-1600/1800 are designed for single generator sets used in standby or prime power applications. These controllers include purpose built algorithms and logic for a wide-range of generator control and protection functions. Available in either a compact or advanced feature package, the new easYgen is a smart control choice for serial standby genset production.


LS-5 Series

Woodward LS-5 Series are synchronizer controllers with integrated protective functions. They are designed to enable complex power management applications with multiple incoming mains and bus breakers in combination with easYgen-3400/3500 equipped genset controllers. The LS-5 devices will manage synchronization, loading and un-loading on each bus segment and send the required voltage and frequency references via CAN bus to the easYgen-3400/3500 genset controllers. Available in front and back panel mount housings.