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Ignition Controls for Gas Engines

Woodward's ignition systems offer a high-performance solution for all types of modern gas engines to meet today's requirements for modern gas engines, ranging from smart inductive coil to high energy AC ignition systems.


The Woodward IC-100 is a microprocessor controlled, spark capacitive discharge ignition system capable of supplying ignition energy for a wide range of gas engines with 1 to 8 cylinders. The IC-100 is user programmable utilizing either RS-232 or CAN communications.

TIS-910; IC-900; IC-910

The Woodward TIS-910, and the IC-900 and IC-910 consist of a 16-bit CPU and other CPU related peripherals, sensor signal conditioning circuitry, a high voltage power supply, plus either 20 outputs (TIS-910) or 24 outputs (IC-900/912). The system can be configured from 2 cylinders to a maximum of either 20 cylinders (TIS-910) or 24 cylinders (IC-900/910). The unit also has all required software to be configured for any type of industrial engine. There is never a requirement for factory reprogramming of software.