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Speed Controllers for Gas Engines

Woodward offers system solutions to control engines and after-treatment systems with robust controllers and components to provide optimal control and emissions monitoring. Woodward is an expert in small engine control systems, whether it's a simple engine health monitor or the complete engine operating system.


APECS® is the Advanced Proportional Engine Control System. The Woodward APECS® 4500 Programmable Engine Controller controls small spark-ignition engines. The control operates on 9?32 Vdc, and accepts inputs from magnetic pickup, coil-type spark ignition system, magneto spark ignition system, or Hall effect sensor. It offers user-selectable isochronous or droop governing and easy programmability, as well as an external analog input, two switched inputs, PTO switch input, idle verification switch input, engine protection switch input, a status LED, and a configurable auxiliary output.

DPG Series

The Woodward DPG Series microprocessor-based digital controller governs diesel or gas-fueled engines. These programmable controls provide isochronous or droop speed control, isochronous load sharing, and precision frequency control. Work with APECS and Power Flow actuators. DPG 2100 series for generators, DPG 2200 series for load-sharing generators, DPG 2300 series for off-road vehicles, DPG 2400 series for EFC valve applications on Cummins engines.