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Valves for Gas Engines

Woodward offers a wide range of valve technologies that, as part of a total engine control system, make today's diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines cleaner and more efficient.


The Woodward Glo-Tech™ modulating, all electric wastegate/bypass valve is capable of handling hot (600 ?C) exhaust gasses for gas engines. The Glo-Tech valve reduces emissions while increasing efficiency and reliability. The Glo-Tech valve has a bore of 60 mm and is typically coupled with a ProAct actuator.

SOGAV™ (Solenoid Operated Gas Admission Valve)

The Woodward SOGAV™ (Solenoid Operated Gas Admission Valve) family consist of several electrically actuated, high response gas admission valves for in-manifold (port) fuel admission. The SOGAV is designed for use on four-stroke, turbocharged gas engines of approximately 180 mm bore and larger. One SOGAV is required for each cylinder. The SOGAV 36, 43 and 105 are main chamber port injection valves that control the fuel flow into the intake manifold. The numeric suffix is a constant used in the equation calculating the valve's flow. Extreme repeatability and fast response time.

TecJet™ 50 Plus, TecJet™ 50 Plus Precision Flow, TecJet™ 110

The Woodward TecJet™ 50 Plus, TecJet™ 50 Plus Precision Flow, and TecJet™ 110 are electronic gas metering valves for single-point injection. They have integrated sensors and electronics which provide the correct gas flow under all specified conditions. The microcomputer inside the TecJet valve converts the desired gas flow signal and gas parameter information into a valve position corresponding to the desired gas flow, depending on gas inlet pressure, gas temperature, and the pressure difference across the valve.

TecJet 52 Gen II Intelligent Electronic Gas Metering Valve

The TecJet? is an electronic gas metering valve for single-point injection. It has integrated sensors and electronics, which provide the correct gas flow under all specified conditions.Incorporating the F-Series ITB into the TecJet 52 Gen II provides added benefits. The new TecJet 52 Gen II is a drop-in replacement that is lighter, has better sealing, and faster mass flow measurements for smoother fuel control. Increased ingress protection now makes the actuator and sensors NEMA 4 watertight, not just rain proof. And this new configuration accommodates a variety of mounting options as well.