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Woodward Protection Relays

Woodward offers unsurpassed control and protection system solutions for every type of power generation and distribution application, from the simplest to the most complex

HighPROTEC Protection Relays

HighPROTEC was designed for complete protection of power generating and distribution systems. Woodward HighPROTEC relays are furnished with a high-contrast graphic display. Ongoing measuring values, messages, alarms, and fault data are displayed in clear text. Guiding text assists the operator when setting parameters. The nominal voltage of the voltage inputs and the switching thresholds of the digital inputs can be adjusted via software. The wide-range power supply unit covers all standard auxiliary voltages, both for DC and AC.

HighPROTEC-2 Protection Relays

HighPROTEC-2 flexible, medium-voltage protection relays are designed for generators and power distribution applications. The relays monitor the electrical condition of equipment and disconnect its power source if a problem or potential problem is detected.
Nine versions of HighPROTEC-2 relays target different types of electrical applications including electrical feeders mains decoupling, and line protection as well as electrical generators, transformers, and motors. Each version has the flexibility to be configured to address the specific aspects of the application.